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WY-AAP Dedicated to the lives of children. 

The Wyoming Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics believes that the most important resource of the State of Wyoming is its children, and pledges its efforts to promote their health and welfare. The goal of the Chapter is that all children in the State attain their full potential for physical, emotional, and social health.


The mission of the Wyoming Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics is to focus its talent and resources to ensure that the children in Wyoming are safe and healthy, that its members are well informed and supported, and that the practice of pediatrics in Wyoming is both fulfilling and economically viable.

Meeting Minutes

Upcoming Events

WY-AAP has a renewed dedication to improving communication and cultivating connections with members. Expect to hear from us, or be given the opportunity to join a conference call on the following schedule:

June -                            Enewsletter 

October -                       Statewide Membership Conference Call                                     

November -                    Enewsletter

January -                       Statewide Membership Conference Call        

March -                          Statewide Membership Conference Call

June -                            Annual Conference in Coordination with WMS

Chapter Leaders and Contacts

The WY-AAP works to represent pediatricians in a variety of policy and regulatory arenas across the state. For topic specific concerns, consider contacting the WY-AAP representative to carry your message to the appropriate lawmakers and state decision makers.

Brian Horst, MD                   Medicaid Advisory Group 

                                             Oral Health

                                            WY Vaccine Advisory Board ~ WyVIP

Andrew Rose, MD               Early Career Physician

Kelly Follett, MD                  Breastfeeding Coordinator

Diane Edwards, MD            Chapter CATCH Facilitator

Suzanne Oss, MD               Emergency Response

  Disaster  Chapter Contact - AAP

Debra Anderson, MD          WY Newborn Screening Panel Advisory Cmte

Joseph Horam, MD             Drug Utilization Review

Barry Wohl, MD                   Senior Member Physician - AAP


Meet The Staff Team

Sheila Bush

Executive Director

Maria Cowley

Membership and Finance Director


Whitney Harmon

Communications Director

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